Roll up Banner Stand

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retractable roll up banner stands

Step 1: NOTE: It is strongly recommended to have two people to change RollUp Banners. Pull banner out of canister to its full length, gently, so you can see the instructions on the tab at the bottom of the banner.

Step 2: Insert the key that came with the banner into hole on side of canister to lock the roll-up mechanism and keep the banner from rolling back into canister. NOTE: Do not pull the key out until you have completely replaced the banner 

Step 3: At top of banner remove the silver Snap Clip Bar. Use a flat screw driver to insert into slot along top edge and twist screw driver to spread bar open. Repeat this step along the bar until open. NOTE: Be firm but gentle in spreading the bar open, the screwdriver can dent the bar.

Step 4: Place the Snap Clip Bar on the top of the new banner. Be sure the bar is centered on banner and the sticker on the bar is facing the back side of banner. 

Step 5: Press firmly on the bar to close and lock the banner in place.

Step 6: Remove old banner by placing one hand on RollUp canister’s tab and with the other hand pull up on the banner peeling it off the tab.

Step 7: The new banner will have a strip of adhesive tape with a red plastic covering. Peel off the red plastic cover to expose the adhesive strip and place new banner on tab. Make sure the banner is lined up straight. Press firmly to adhere to tab.

Step 8: Before removing the key from the side of the canister, be sure that you have a hand firmly on the new banner to ensure that it slowly rolls back into the canister. 

Step 9: You are now ready to roll your banner back out and display it.

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